Education Programs


Art in School The GRACE Art program, formerly known as Art in the Schools, was established in 1976 by GreaterRestonArtsCenter to supplement and support local children's art experience in school. The program is based on in-class interactive discussions of art historical subjects, followed by coordinating art projects led by parent volunteers. The program is available both in an electronic format using PowerPoint and with traditional posters. GRACE Art continues to be a vital and an integral means of promoting an art enrichment experience along with a co-curricular enrichment program at the elementary school level.

Youth and Family Programs

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There are many ways for youth and families to engage in art-making with artists and knowledgeable educators at GreaterRestonArtsCenter. Drop in during gallery hours and grab a bucket full of art supplies. And when you need to beat the heat, join us for summer art camp.

Adult Programs

Adults GreaterRestonArtsCenter offers learning opportunities for adults that take place "after hours." Just like in the GRACE Art school program, we will deliver an interactive art history lesson via PowerPoint followed by an engaging hands-on art project designed to reinforce the lesson. Itís both educational and fun.

Teen Programs

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Throughout the year, we invite teenagers to make personal meaning of contemporary art, express themselves creatively, explore the role of contemporary art and artists in their lives today, and network with one another and professionals throughout the art world. We also offer opportunities for teens to work in the gallery or volunteer during the Fine Arts Festival and at other programs, and receive awards to assist in the formal training and creation of art at the university or college level.