Call for Exhibition Proposals, 2011 Season

GRACE is requesting proposals for exhibitions for its main gallery space for periods of approximately 4-6 weeks. Proposals will be accepted from artists, independent curators, or arts organizations.

See Guidelines below.

GRACE is interested in the following exhibition proposals:

  • Thematic Exhibitions organized by artists or curators
  • Solo Focus Exhibitions by artists (GRACE will divide the main gallery for several concurrent solos)
  • Co-organized exhibitions from art organizations, museums, galleries and other established art organizations

Review Fee

  • $25 (Free for GRACE Members)


  • Artists living in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia are eligible.
  • Artists who have not had a solo exhibition at GRACE within the past 2 years

Due Dates for Proposals:

Postmarked by August 1, 2010

GRACE's Exhibition Vision

GRACE is interested in presenting the highest quality of contemporary art. We encourage proposals that address our mission by illuminating new ideas and stimulating viewer involvement.

Evaluation Criteria

The Exhibition Committee will consider applications based upon the following criteria:
  • Artistic merit of the proposed exhibit
  • Conceptual integrity of exhibition proposal
  • The proposal's relationship to GRACE's exhibition focus for that year.
Guidelines for Proposals

Please submit one original proposal and include the following:

  1. Description of Proposed Exhibition:
    • For thematic exhibitions, describe the theme or title and discuss the exhibition goals.
    • For solo or group exhibitions, include artist statements for all participating artists.
    • For all exhibitions, provide a description of the media/materials to be used and any special equipment needed.
    • For all exhibitions, list the artist(s) who will participate and contact information including address, telephone number(s), email, website and fax if available.

  2. Description of Programming or Events related to the Exhibition:
    GRACE is particularly interested in encouraging community interaction with its exhibitions. Ideas from artists and curators are helpful in developing educational programs that meet the needs of the audience and create a dialogue with the art. Briefly describe ideas such as artist talks, forums, workshops, or other educational events as well as promotional or outreach strategies to recruit diverse or new audiences. Staff will draw on these ideas in developing and implementing programs for selected exhibitions.

  3. Images:
    • Group or thematic exhibitors should include a compact disk (CD) of 20 images or up to 20 minutes of recorded material.
    • Solo exhibitors should include 20 images of related work and/or up to 20 minutes of recorded material.

  4. Image List:
    • Artist's name
    • Title of artwork
    • Media
    • Dimensions
    • Year
    • Price or NFS

  5. Catalogs or reviews of recent exhibitions (optional) Please limit to 4 pieces

  6. Resumes of exhibition curator and/or artist(s)

  7. Artist statement(s)
  8. If you wish your materials returned, please enclose a self-address stamped envelope. Submissions should be sent to:
    • Exhibitions Committee
    • GRACE
    • 12001 Market Street, Suite 103
    • Reston, VA 20190

    • Phone: 703-471-9242 or

    Applications sent via facsimile or email will not be accepted.
    Incomplete applications will be considered ineligible.
    Applicants will be notified as soon as possible by letter or phone. Since the exhibition schedule is planned for a one or two-year period, there may be several months before a decision can be made so that we can provide a balanced, inclusive, and thoughtful range of exhibitions.

    CHECK LIST: I have enclosed:
      Description of proposed exhibit
      List of programming events for educational purposes
      Image disk
      Check list of images
      $25 fee payable to GRACE (Free for GRACE Members)
      Optional material
      Artist statement(s)
      Self-addressed stamped envelope (optional)